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Theater Lights
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Flame fada png.png

Mixing Console

FOH Speaker System

3 co-axial bi-amped XT 112’s( Left, Right And
Centre) - 2 Subwoofer XT 118’s - 4 Delay 2 way
MTD 108’s
Amplifiers for above

4 Way Stage Monitor System

Stage Monitor Amplifiers for above

Loudspeaker System Controller For Monitor System

4 No. Dynamic Mics

2 No. DI Boxes

4 Mic Boom Stands

Behringer X32 Digital

L-Acoustic – XT & MTD Range. Processing by 1 XTA

DP 226, XTA DP 224 and MTD 108 LLCa Controllers

4 L-Acoustic La 24a’s & 1 L-Acoustic La 15a

4 L-Acoustic MTD 108’s 2 way passive & 1 XT 112 Bi-amped

1 L-Acoustic La 15a 4 CH amp & 1 L-Acoustic La 24a

2 L-Acoustics MTD 108 LLCa Controller & 1 XTA
DP 224

4 Shure SM 58's, 2 Shure SM 57's & 1 Shure Beta 57

DAP Audio

3 Large / 2 Small

(Dimmer System is down for maintenance. Desk + Hot Lights current being upgraded & converted to LED)

1no. Basic Desk – ShowTec
4no. Avolites art 2000i (4*24) dimmer & patching system
1no. dmx universe & booster system
12 no. Showtec hmi 575 profiles various degree angles
2 no. Robert juliat 1.2kw profiles
10 no. Showtec 1kw fresnels
8 no. Thomas par cans
1no. Griven hmi575 followspot
3no. 6m internally wired bars
18no. socapex circuits around stage
6no. 6 way 220v points
1no Source aqua haze machine c/w control & timer
1no. stock of socapex,dmx & breakout leads
10no. assorted gels


Proscenium Width                                   
Stage Depth
Stage Width
Stage Dimensions Front to back (CS)
Curtain (CS) to back wall

Height of stage
Maximum performance area 
Grid Height Space on Ground Floor Level for

Orchestra/ Rostra 


Motorised Set 
Hemp Sets 
Suspension Bars 
Suspension Bars 
Suspension Bars
Side Lighting Bars 
Tracks: 1st Front of House Track 1 
Tracks:2nd Front of House Track 1 
Tracks: Back of Stage 
2 Nos Borders 
Projection Screen & Frame 
Sharkstooth Gauze
Dance Floor 


Staging Units Rostra

Stage Skirt

Lighting Ladders

Stage Braces and stage weight

12 No. Stage Braces

12 No. Stage Weights

12 No. 48mm Boom Arms


15  meters

 7   meters

1    meter

14  meters

9.5 M

8.5 M

5.8 meters

14m x 7 meters

16 meters

4 Nos.
6 motorised winches 
5 Nos Hemp sets
6 Nos.
5 Nos. hemp sets & 1 Drill set
6 Nos. dead line fixing bars
2 Nos. located FOH mid level SL & SR
1 No. med/heavy duty overlapped Triple E-track 
1 No. light/med. duty single swipe track system
1 No. med/heavy duty overlapped Triple E-track
2 Nos front of house drapes
1 No. Pelmet
1 No. Mid stage tabs
1 No. Back stage tabs
2 Nos Borders 
1 No. 10mtr x 4.2mtr alum. Ladder
6 Nos.
Yes - Black
Yes - Marley Black

4 Nos 1m x 2m with 28-40cm & 40-60cm legs

1 No. 14m x 0.6m

1 No.

12 Nos.

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