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Company Info
Have a look at our 'Company Info' page for all of our Policies, Statements, Terms & Conditions. All our important Company info is available in .pdf style documents that you can read in depth and download with ease. 


All of the Tinteán's Policies

Readily available for you to read at your own ease..


Meet the Team
So who are the people behind the curtain? Well, with the return of the Tinteán, it has taken a full team to get this amazing theatre back in action! Why not head over to our 'Meet the Team' page to learn more about the Director's and everyone involved!


Who's involved?

Learn about the people involved with the Tinteán and what they do..


Tinteán's Technical
Are you interested in learning the technical details of the Tinteán? Maybe you're one of our amazing upcoming acts who needs to know all about our fantastic stage and the facilities we have available? Have a look at our 'Tinteán's Technical' page for everything you need to know! 


Stage, Equipment & More!

Everything you need to know about the technical features of the Tinteán..


Where it all began 

Read about the History of the Tinteán and how it got to where it is today..


History of the Tineán
Learn all about the Tinteán's origins in 1987 and the different people and groups that have been involved in the theatre, right up to it's activity today! All about Micháel Carr and the local people involved in it's initial success, the development of North Kerry Arts, Cultural and Heritage Society Ltd, and the reopening of the Tinteán as recently as 2020!

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